Blending Up Your Perfect Drink

Natural Fruit SmoothiesQueen City Smoothie has a variety of natural fruit smoothies as well as more decadent options that include ice cream, chocolate, and coffee blended into your own perfect mixed drink. Our signature smoothie recipes are daily favorites with many locals - the peaches and cream smoothie is regularly shouted out on social media for being extra tasty.

Made to order specialties that include your favorite flavors make our smoothie and coffee shop the favorite pit stop after school and on weekends for local families in Cass County. No time to stop in for a smoothie? Get your treat on the go with our quick service through our drive thru! 

Natural Fruit Smoothies

  • Lava Flow
    A blend Piña Colada & Ice Cream poured over a float of Strawberry

  • Banana Split
    Banana blended with Ice Cream, poured over Strawberry, with a Chocolate Stripe

  • Bango Bash
    A blend of Banana, Mango and Ice Cream

  • Tropical Breeze
    A blend of Strawberry, Mango and Passion Fruit

  • Peaches and Cream
    A blend of Peach and Ice Cream

  • Blueberry-Pom Shake
    Blueberry and Pomegranate blended with Ice Cream

  • Squeeze Play
    Frozen Lemonade poured over Strawberry

  • Mix & Match
    Choose from your favorite flavors. Add Ice Cream for a delicious Fruit Shake
    Strawberry, Piña Colada, Banana, Mango, Passion Fruit, Peach, Blueberry Pomegranate, Lemonade

Blended Coffee Drinks

  • Mocha Blast
    Espresso Blended with Ice Cream and Chocolate

  • Avalanche
    Espresso Blended with Caramel, White Chocolate and Ice Cream

  • Funky Mocha Monkey
    Espresso Blended with Banana, Chocolate and Ice Cream

  • Flavored Espresso Blast
    Espresso Blended with Ice Cream and Your Favorite Syrup

In Need of a Flavor Boost?

Swing by Queen City Smoothie for vibrant smoothies and rich coffee!