Why are Queen City Smoothies So Good?

Queen City Smoothies stand out for their quality, primarily due to the use of real fruit and all-natural ingredients. They prioritize a high percentage of fruit content in their smoothies, which is among the highest in the industry. Their commitment to using fruit purees and dairy-based mixes without artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives not only enhances flavor but also offers health benefits, including being a good source of Vitamin C.

Are Your Fruit Smoothies Gluten Free & Kosher?

All the fruit smoothies offered at Queen City Smoothie are gluten-free and kosher. This ensures they cater to a variety of dietary needs and preferences.

Do you have dairy-free fruit smoothies?

Yes, Queen City Smoothie offers dairy-free options for their fruit smoothies. All smoothies on their menu can be made with or without dairy. Additionally, their PiƱa Colada mix uses coconut milk, which is a dairy-free alternative, but it's important to note that it contains a tree nut allergen.

What are your signature smoothie flavors, and can they be customized?

Queen City Smoothie offers a range of natural fruit smoothies and blended drinks that include ice cream, chocolate, and coffee. Some of their popular flavors include Lava Flow, Banana Split, Bango Bash, Tropical Breeze, Peaches and Cream, Blueberry-Pom Shake, and Squeeze Play. Additionally, they provide a Mix & Match option where customers can choose their favorite flavors and add ice cream for a fruit shake. These smoothies can be customized according to individual preferences, allowing customers to create their perfect drink.

Can I order coffee drinks with alternative milk options?

At Queen City Smoothie, customers can choose almond milk as an alternative to regular milk in their coffee drinks. They also offer Half and Half, 2% Milk, and organic powdered protein as options. This flexibility accommodates various dietary preferences and needs.

Are there any sugar-free options available for smoothies or coffee drinks?

For those seeking sugar-free options at Queen City Smoothie, while all fruit smoothies contain natural sugars from fruit and are not sugar-free, they do offer sugar-free syrups for coffee drinks. These include sugar-free vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut syrups, allowing customers to enjoy a variety of flavored coffee drinks without added sugar.

What types of muffins are available at Queen City Smoothie?

Queen City Smoothie offers a delightful selection of muffins, including flavors such as Blueberry, Orange Cranberry Cream, Chocolate Chip, Banana Nut, and Chocolate Chocolate Chip. These tasty options are perfect for pairing with their smoothies and coffee drinks.

Do you offer a loyalty program or frequent customer discounts?

Yes, Queen City Smoothie offers a loyalty program. Customers can participate in their punch card loyalty program, where buying 10 drinks earns you one free drink. This program is a great way for frequent customers to enjoy some extra benefits.

Is there a drive-thru available?

Yes, Queen City Smoothie has a drive-thru available, offering convenience for customers who prefer to enjoy their drinks and muffins on the go.

Can I place orders over the phone for quick pick-up?

Yes, Queen City Smoothie accepts orders over the phone for quick pick-up, allowing customers to conveniently place their orders in advance.

How do you ensure the quality and freshness of your ingredients?

Queen City Smoothie ensures the quality and freshness of its ingredients by practicing a "first in, first out" stock rotation in their coolers. This method ensures that the oldest stock is used first, helping to maintain the freshness of the ingredients used in their smoothies and other offerings.

In Need of a Flavor Boost?

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